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Senior Product Designer at Viamo

Anywhere • Full-time

Viamo is hiring a remote Senior Product Designer. They are looking for applicants globally and this is a Full-time position.

This company is no longer accepting applications for this job

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About Viamo

Mobile technology is revolutionizing how organizations engage with their end users. More than 96% of the world’s population has access to a mobile phone, meaning it is now possible to reach nearly every single person on the planet. Yet 3 billion people living in emerging markets still lack access to relevant, timely, and engaging information in their local languages, and their voices remain underheard. The organizations that serve them lack the technology and capacity to reach them, and many are unaware of the power of mobile technology to meet their organizational goals.

Viamo connects individuals and organizations using digital technology to make better decisions. We’ve created a suite of products, including a national-scale information hotline called ""3-2-1"" that serves tens of millions of users across 18 countries. Other Viamo products delivered through our platform focus on remote education, field data collection, market-matching services, and more.

With more than 30 million people reached in 2020 alone, we are well on our way to meeting our goal of serving 50 million people annually by 2023 with life-improving information and access.

About the role

We are looking for an experienced senior product designer to  join our globally distributed Design Team and lead in the design of our enterprise platform’s interfaces and experiences that will evolve our Viamo application into a platform of interconnected products. 

You will be one of the leaders of our ‘foundation’ crews. In Viamo, foundation crews are positioned to help build the architecture and backbone for how other crews can function and the output of your work will be used by platform users and across all other products. 

In this role you will be a crucial part of a multidisciplinary product team whose focus is on the creation of intuitive and robust solutions which use Viamo’s technology to build the underlying capabilities which will power the impact generated by the organization. You will therefore be at the forefront of Viamo’s attempts to create truly scalable solutions for the individuals using the Viamo application. 

You will build, maintain and develop features and processes that will transform our internal team’s ability to build innovative and scalable user experiences that will directly impact the lives of millions of people. 

As a leader in the crew, you will provide guidance to help prioritize, plan, and develop new and exciting features for our internal users that will help Viamo reach 100 million monthly active users and maximise the proportion of whom engage in an impactful manner.

You will be able to work confidently and independently with our global teams as part of the product crew. The crews are generally spread out around the world and work across multiple time zones, so the ability to work well with remote team members is therefore an essential requirement of the role. 

As well as your responsibilities within the product crew, you will be a key figure in Viamo’s Design chapter, as well as in the broader technology team. You will work closely with other crew leads and subject specialists to create best practice for the continued development of the Viamo application, whilst mentoring junior staff to be the best they can be.

We are hugely ambitious for our future, and we are looking for people who are equally driven by our mission to improve lives at scale through mobile technology. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Combine your curiosity, your human centered empathy and your intuitive design skills to gather and evaluate requirements with your product crew. 
    Develop, conceptualize and champion a comprehensive design strategy for the foundational components of the Viamo platform
  • Break larger design work into smaller manageable pieces to be worked on by other more junior designers
  • Be involved in every aspect of creating our platform’s feel, look, and behaviour.
  • Be engaged in discussions regarding product visioning, business impact, futures for our users, and the platform’s design.
  • Show understanding of the business value behind every design decision, backed by data learned through research that challenges/confirms our assumptions while measuring success through user satisfaction and engagement.
  • Be continually willing to explore new ways to solve problems as user needs and business models evolve and change
    Make sketches and develop high fidelity UI mockups and prototypes that illustrate how features would be used and interacted with in different contexts.
  • Be involved in applying lean research and user interviews to gather and evaluate user needs while collaborating closely with other Viamo Team members to create coherent, integrated products & services.
  • Synthesizing findings and creating personas, journey maps (incld. jobs to be done), conduct user testing, and reporting those insights to the product development team.
  • Apply existing design guidelines and Viamo's Design System to your prototypes and be willing to contribute to building and maintaining the system.
  • Take delight in exceeding expectations of our users and partners

Key Performance Indicators

In general, this position will inherit the KPIs of their product crew.  The position will specifically be focused on UX metrics that can help the crew achieve its business objectives through:

  • UX-focused NPS
  • Time to goal
  • Success / failure rate

Profile - Required

  • A portfolio of design experience showing creative thinking and problem solving
  • 5+ years of experience designing complex user-facing web applications and/or mobile applications
  • Experience contributing to product roadmaps and being able to support other more junior designers by creating
  • Experience working with a team of designers and developers using a Agile processes
  • The right balance of patience and persistence in both following and pioneering design processes.
  • Experience and involvement in product visioning, understanding the business value behind design decisions, and user satisfaction from product use.
  • Fluency in the use of design prototyping tools.
    The ability to prioritize and balance work/time investment across areas of a product roadmap.
  • Sound knowledge of usability principles of design and design facilitation approaches.
  • Experience working remotely in a similar position.

Profile - Desirable

  • Experience living and working in Africa, South East Asia or other region in which Viamo projects actively working
  • Experience working with Design systems to achieve great UX at scale
  • Experience working with SaaS like complex applications that have multi user types and multiple channels

Viamo is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We value diversity and encourage applications from all candidates. We believe that diverse perspectives help our teams to create innovative solutions and understand our global clients' needs. In alignment with our values, we are committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse global workforce without discrimination. 

Apply now with a CV and a short cover letter.

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