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Lead Product Designer at Pulley

North America • Full-time

$170,000 - $230,000

Pulley is hiring a remote Lead Product Designer. They are looking for applicants in North America and this is a Full-time position.

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🚀 About Pulley

Pulley's mission is to make it easier for anyone to start a company. We believe that more startups should be created, and that founder-led companies are more successful in the long term. With Pulley’s cap table management tools, companies can better understand and optimize their equity for the long term. Starting a company is hard enough. Managing equity shouldn’t be. 

We’re a high-performing team looking for passionate, execution-focused, self-starters to help us build equity management tools for founders. Pulley is growing quickly with over 3000 customers including unicorns like Clubhouse, Birdies, and Coda - all within our first year of product launch. Our trajectory is fueled by top investors like Founder's Fund, Stripe, General Catalyst, Caffeinated Capital, 8vc, Elad Gil, among other great angels. All of our growth has been organic, and we’re growing the team to meet the demand.

🔬About the role

We're looking for an experienced designer who's excited to play a part in Pulley's next phase of growth and product expansion. As a member of our growing team, you’ll be directly responsible for building and shaping financial service products which are modern, intuitive, and delightful.

When it comes to design at Pulley, we’re looking to work with experienced people who can pick a problem and solve it. And as a small team, we’re all generalists and constantly picking up new challenges. You'll work across multiple products with tight-knit teams that value open communication and cross-functional collaboration, with an emphasis on reducing complex problems down to the right combination of simplicity and functionality. 

This year, one of our main design-led initiatives will be to overhaul our product and brand experiences while thoughtfully expanding on Pulley's product offering to reach new target audiences. It's an exciting time to join the team, and this role will play a critical part in shaping Pulley's future.

⚒️ Day to day, you will:

  • Contribute to Pulley's vision. You'll be a key driver for reimagining the equity & cap table space with elegant, modern, interfaces, and how we can thoughtfully extend frameworks and patterns to accelerate new product offerings.
  • Partner cross-functionally. You'll collaborate with product, engineering, data-science, and other functions as an owner of the product to define, create, build, and release new features.
  • Redefine our quality standards. You'll continually raise the bar for streamlining complex financial service oriented workflows, and redefine best-in-class software design and development processes needed to build an opinionated product.
  • Collaborate with other designers. You’ll be a strong team player and mentor to others, able to thrive in a fast-paced startup environment where ambiguity is commonplace.

🌟 We value people who are:

  • Well-rounded and experienced. You have 7+ years of product design experience crafting products and design systems and are comfortable working across strategy development, visual design, prototyping, interaction design, and information architecture.
  • Adaptable to change. You have previous startup experience and show the flexibility, initiative, and mentality needed to succeed in a startup environment.
  • Highly collaborative. You're a strong team player, able to thrive with others in a fast-paced startup environment where ambiguity is commonplace.
  • Systems thinkers. You find joy in simplifying complex problems by balancing simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use. You think in systems and can extend shared patterns and behaviors to make products both simple and powerful.
  • User obsessed. You continuously seek to improve the product experience for customers and iterate quickly by balancing design perfection with development speed.
  • Strong communicators. You feel comfortable communicating design concepts via mockups, flows, wireframes, and prototypes to accelerate work and raise the bar for craft.
  • Passionate about learning. You have a self-starter mindset with ambition to grow as a designer and team member, with a burgeoning interest in financial products and services.
  • Egoless. You don't take yourself too seriously, crave feedback to learn from, and help keep teams motivated to move forward.

💚 What we offer:

We’re committed to providing our employees with everything they need to do their best work. We are fully distributed team that works remotely, with an office in San Francisco.

🔬 Interesting and challenging work

📈 Employee-friendly equity in a high-growth startup

🦷 Full health, vision & dental coverage

💸 401k plan with matching

🌴 Unlimited PTO (Actually unlimited, we have a 10-day minimum policy)

🚠 Regular team events and offsites

💆 Health & Wellness stipend

🚗 Work remotely, no need to commute

💻 Apple equipment and office setup stipend

📚 Learning & development stipend

✨ Our Culture

TL&DR - Pulley is not a good fit for everyone, and that’s OK. This is a bit about the culture of Pulley. We are looking for people who are excited about building a great company, not just working in a high-growth startup. In addition to function-specific skills, here are some traits that enable our team members to thrive:

  • First Principles Thinking. We believe in breaking down problems into their most basic parts. We don’t reject ideas because they haven’t worked before. We understand “why did certain things work?” and apply it to our situation.
  • Ship It & Iterate. Shipping is the starting line for learning. Ship something, talk to users, get feedback, and iterate. We focus on the inputs, on what we can control, not the outcomes. We take our best bets, and don’t fixate on the finish line.
  • Boldly Honest & Aggressively Considerate. Being boldly honest means we push one another to act from first principles, set and hit goals, and ruthlessly prioritize. Being aggressively considerate means we care about each other as humans to win as a team. We speak up and embrace feedback.
  • Default Yes. We believe that something is possible unless proven otherwise. Hard problems are often solved by people who didn’t know it was impossible.

We’re also inspired by the culture work done at other companies and plan to develop our own playbook here too. One of the concepts that resonate most with us is the importance of stunning colleagues. If you like the sound of our environment and you’re passionate about joining a team like the one we’ve described, we'd love to talk!

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