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Why the 2020s will be the Remote Work Decade

36 Predictions of the Trends That Will Emerge from the Rise of Remote Work Globally. Why We Must Demand Remote Work. Remote work is the biggest workplace revolution in history and nothing will deliver a higher quality of life increase in the next decade than this.

Chris Herd 2020-02-10

How I Stumbled into Digital Nomadism and Backpacked Around the World

In the past two and a half years I’ve backpacked through North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, visited 25+ countries (I have a pending Global Entry application and I’m really hoping…

The Start Up 2020-02-10

How the Japanese are putting an end to extreme work weeks - BBC Worklife

Employees in the country whose brutal office culture has led to several deaths are beginning to rethink the tradition.

BBC Worklife 2020-02-10

From remote working to TikTok: The biggest digital trends to expect in 2020

As we enter not only a new year but a new decade, Kirsty Marrins asks charity digital experts for their predictions for the year ahead

ThirdSector 2020-02-04

We need Remote Work culture now - More than ever

No, you didn’t read the title wrong. Remote culture goes hand in hand with universal health care (and the lack of). I did not always live in the U.S.A. I come from a small island called Taiwan when I was 14.

Medium 2020-02-04

The 6 Rules I Live by For Working From Home

I’ve worked 100% remotely for almost four years now. While I’ve worked from a variety of locations and I’ve moved several times, I’ve primarily spent these last four years working from a home office.

Hailley Griffis 2020-02-04

What Most Remote Companies Don’t Tell You About Remote Work

When I was 23 years old, I broke up with my girlfriend, sold or gave away most of my stuff, packed a single suitcase, and booked a one-way ticket from Denmark to Taiwan. I was living a traveler’s dream with no strings attached. At the time, I had no idea that this would be the...

Doist 2020-01-28

Remote Workers Are Outperforming Office Workers--Here's Why

Research shows that office workers cannot concentrate at their desks.

Inc 2020-01-28

Flexibility & Structure: What 24 People Think About Remote & Flexible Working

Remote working isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the trend of companies letting employees work from anywhere in the world might just be on the upward.

Medium 2020-01-28

4 ways remote designers and developers can collaborate better

When it comes to designer-developer collaboration, these are 3 of the biggest issues: Lack of alignment. Designers and developers need to be on the same page from day one—that includes naming conventions, tools, and processes. When designers do things one way and developers do...

InVision 2020-01-28

Why You Should Take a 'Farming Approach' in Business

Over the past few years, I’ve seen the online marketing space become a cult of “more.” The celebrities of the industry — better known as the “gurus” — peddle a myopic hunting technique where the sole goal is an acquisition: Follow these five easy tips and score another fan, or...

Medium 2020-01-21

How to Create A Remote Work Routine That Works

Designers and developers need to be on the same page from day one—that includes naming conventions, tools, and processes. When designers do things one way and developers do things their own way, projects take longer, people get frustrated, and the end result is never as good as...

Buffer 2020-01-21

Chapter 1 - Remote Work Is Going to Change the World

According to a study released by the International Workplace Group in May 2018, 70% of employees globally work remotely at least once a week, 50% of employees work remotely half the week and 10% of employees work remotely five days a week.

Linkedin 2020-01-14

6 Best Remote Work Conferences to Attend in 2020

As we are preparing the Remote-first Online Conference on 14–15 January, we thought it would be nice to create a list of all the events on Remote Work happening in 2020.

Medium 2020-01-14

What Does Remote Work Really Bring to You?

Recently, we shared our thoughts in a few articles where we got to discuss a topic that many of us already have heard of: digital nomads. Here at Standups, we believe in the freedom that working remotely brings in to employees at distributed companies.

Standups 2020-01-14

First Time in a Remote Team

It has been almost 2 months since my dream to work in a remote team came true. The feeling — a mixture between excitement, freedom and high level of responsibility. And, of course, the awkwardness of missing actual daily human interactions.

Medium 2020-01-07

Pros And Cons Of Remote Working

With technology advancing our home and work lives, it’s getting easier and easier to work from home and stay close to work in terms of communication. It’s said that working from home or on the go can increase job satisfaction, but with all things, remote working isn’t for...

Xuppl 2020-01-07

Remote Work Is How Tech Companies Can Increase Diversity

Tech companies embraced the diversity train in a very public manner in 2014, when the release of the first diversity reports set off a wave of calls for change. Arguably, not much has changed in the last five years. The percentages of racial minorities in technical positions have...

Medium 2020-01-07

The Real Future of Remote Work is Asynchronous

I’ve been working remotely for over a decade – well before the days of tools like Slack or Zoom. In some ways, it was easier back then: you worked from wherever you were and had the space to manage your workload however you wanted. If you desired to go hardcore creative mode

Sitepoint 2019-12-24

The Lesson to Unlearn

The most damaging thing you learned in school wasn't something you learned in any specific class. It was learning to get good grades. When I was in college, a particularly earnest philosophy grad student once told me that he never cared what grade he got in a class, only what he...

Paul Graham 2019-12-24

The rise of living alone: how one-person households are becoming increasingly common around the world

In the US, the share of adults who live alone nearly doubled over the last 50 years. This is not only happening in the US: single-person households have become increasingly common in many countries across the world, from Angola to Japan.

Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think

t’s not true that no one needs you anymore.” These words came from an elderly woman sitting behind me on a late-night flight from Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. The plane was dark and quiet. A man I assumed to be her husband murmured almost inaudibly in response, something to...

The Atlantic 2019-12-18

My experience as a remote worker

I had an interesting realization recently: I was three years into my career when I got my first remote job, and it's been about three years since then. I've now spent half my career working in a traditional in-office software development job, and the other half working remotely!

Josh Comeau 2019-12-18

The 2-Word Trick That Makes Small Talk Interesting

I was at a house party, on my own, sticking close to the table that held the drinks and the charcuterie display. Because I hardly knew anyone, I was tempted to hunker down on the couch with a cold glass and a full plate and go through emails on my phone.

Medium 2019-12-10

Head of Remote at AngelList: What Work Looks Like in the Future

Andreas Klinger is the Head of Remote at AngelList, and previously part of the founding team of Product Hunt. In this conversation, Andreas and Anthony Pompliano discuss the future of work, the rise of remote work, best practices for managing remote teams, and a list of...

Working as a Remote Product Designer from far far away

As far as I remember, I always wanted to fulfill my life with adventures and purposes. The latest company I worked with, Heetch, gave me the opportunity to combine two of my greatest wishes: bloom as a Product Designer, and doing it while discovering the World.

Medium 2019-12-10

Pointless work meetings 'really a form of therapy'

Meetings at work should be seen as a form of "therapy" rather than about decision-making, say researchers. Academics from the University of Malmo in Sweden say meetings provide an outlet for people at work to show off their status or to express frustration. Professor Patrik Hall...

BBC 2019-12-03

We were supposed to be living in pod houses

Pretend it’s the ’60s and you’ve been tasked with building the house of the future. You might ask yourself, What’s the most futuristic thing imaginable? Space. Who lives in space? Aliens. What do their houses look like? Flying saucers. And so your prediction might look a lot like...

The Outline 2019-12-03

Will the office be obsolete by 2030?

Remote work isn't niche anymore—it's everywhere. Anyone who frequents a coffee shop knows that. At this point, companies of all sizes are implementing remote work policies. A number of forward-thinking companies have quietly grown to hundreds—sometimes thousands—of completely...

Zapier 2019-11-26

Remote Work - Asynchronous Communication

Recently I’ve started a new role at a company where we are all working remote. While we are remote, some of the other companies we are working with are not, so I started thinking about what makes you able to work remote. I’d like to pass on some of what I think makes you a better...

Medium 2019-11-26

Should You Work Remote as a Designer?

Workers are seeking a better work-life balance and an option to work on a more flexible schedule rather than the standard 9–5. Designers need to do a lot of collaboration with their co-workers, and communication is essential to get the results. So is it possible to work remotely?

Product Disrupt 2019-11-26

10 things about remote facilitation we wish we’d known sooner

For many, facilitating a meeting or a workshop may seem like a dreadful task. Facilitating a remote workshop – even more so. There’s something inherently challenging about not being in the same room with your team. You can’t really revert to small talk when the atmosphere gets...

MicroBlog 2019-11-19

Remote work is more than a job perk—for people with chronic illness, it’s life changing

Remote work is so much more than just a job perk for digital nomads. Going to an office daily isn’t a possibility for some people. Their minds are fine, but their bodies don’t cooperate. Remote work allows people who are chronically ill to have full time jobs & excel in them....

Medium 2019-11-19

I Thought Wilderness Was A Place To Find Myself, Until I Spent Four Months Living In It

My first forest fire was a mushroom cloud blooming in the rearview mirror of a pickup truck. The driver, a ranger named Joe, was unfazed. The US Forest Service named it the Two Bulls fire, the inaugural spark of the summer of 2014, burning an area of Oregon forest about half the...

BuzzFeed News 2019-11-12

5-Hour Workdays? 4-Day Workweeks? Yes, Please

A German entrepreneur named Lasse Rheingans has become a subject of attention since The Wall Street Journal recently reported on a novel idea he has put in place at his 16-person technology start-up: a five-hour workday. Mr. Rheingans is not just reducing the time his employees...

The Manager’s Schedule Is Holding Back Remote Work

For some, the idea of working remotely is equivalent to laying around, watching Netflix (while working, of course), and going to happy hour by 3 p.m. For others, they can’t imagine driving into the office, being constantly interrupted, and leaving at the end of the day without a...

Medium 2019-11-12

I Just Took the World’s First 20-Hour Flight. Here’s What It Did to Me

I’ve just endured the world’s newest longest flight, a 16,200 kilometer (10,100 mile), nonstop ultra-marathon from New York to Sydney. It took about 19 and a half hours, and was almost as demanding as that sounds. The record-breaking Qantas Airways Ltd. flight touched down early...

Bloomberg 2019-11-05

Digital Nomads: The Big Picture

A comprehensive look into the lifestyle where you travel and work your way around the globe. While browsing YouTube, I came across Conni Biesalski and Chris the Freelancer. They identified as Digital Nomads and their videos give deep insight into their daily lives. They cover a...

Medium 2019-11-05

What has the road looked like for you during your rise to being a digital nomad?

I just wanted to thank everyone for commenting on their experiences. I'm looking forward to working hard and really needed some inspiration to keep going. It's been a challenge to develop my web dev skills and trying to get good enough to work remote. But I am bound and...

Reddit 2019-11-05

What a Compulsive Email Habit Does to Your Mind and Relationships

Every morning when I wake up, I roll over and check my email. Usually there’s nothing that can’t wait: some press releases about new studies, the occasional email from an editor, and plenty of spam. The checking is a compulsion I’ve adopted in the past several years — one that...

Medium 2019-10-29

Out of Office

Most employers want you to be in "in the office." They want you sitting at your desk, looking at your screen, tapping on your keyboard. You have to show up to meetings. People expect you to answer your email. But all that changes when you go to a conference. When you go to a...

Justin Jackson 2019-10-29

Overcoming Jet Lag - After Years of Travel, My 5 Tips to Minimize Jet Lag

After years of long-term travel, I have yet to find a way to fully avoid feeling the effects of jet lag. Colleagues have said that they barely notice changes to their circadian rhythm, and long-term travel leads to more of the same. But my own body is different. As an insomniac...

Legal Nomads 2019-10-29

You’ve landed your dream design job - now what?

You’ve landed that dream design job after all those interviews! This may even be your second or third offer. In either case, good on you for coming this far. The hard work paid off and the tables have turned. Before you accept the offer, do some homework to set yourself up for a...

UX Collective 2019-10-22

The Freelance Life

Freelancing is a compelling opportunity for skilled professionals who are seeking independence and a greater connection to the value they can create for a business. It can be a lucrative, exciting, and exhausting pursuit. We’ve put together some insights to help you be a happier...

Side Supply 2019-10-22