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Asynchronous Communication: The Real Reason Remote Workers Are More Productive

All you need to know about asynchronous communication from a company that practices it, and how to create a more async culture at your company.

Doist 2020-08-07 1:00:02

Documenting is designing: How documentation drives better design outcomes

It was the early stages of a new design project, and I was working on a task flow diagram when a colleague asked me about it. “You’re doing that now? I normally wait until the end of the project.” I…

Heidi Adkisson 2020-08-07 0:58:11

Dangerous Design Trends 2020

The design industry is moving at a fast pace, and as it moves, a good number of trends are introduced. However, as you learn about new trends, you need to find out their impact on user experience and how they might complicate things for you.

Plant 2020-08-11 11:55:53

Remote work is a platform

Back in the mid-90s, just as Netscape Navigator was giving us our first look at what the visual internet could be, web design came in two flavors.

Signal V.Noise 2020-08-05

You Really Don’t Need To Work So Much | The New Yorker

Tim Wu discusses a recent New York Times article about overwork for white-collar workers at Amazon, and why high-earning Americans work such long hours.

The New Yorker 2020-08-05

Who still needs the office? U.S. companies start cutting space - Reuters

Corporate America is downsizing its real estate footprint as companies allow more employees to work from home, a growing threat to the bottom line of owners of traditional office buildings and a sign that companies are looking for ways to cut costs as a result of the coronavirus...

Reuters 2020-08-05

Junior Designers vs. Senior Designers: Five Important Things To Note

In most organizations, there are varying criteria for classifying senior and junior designers. Here are some important points to note, irrespective of whether you are a junior or senior designer.

Plant 2020-08-05

Estonia is launching a new Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers

E-Residency enables digital entrepreneurs to start and manage an EU-based company online. Estonia is the first country to offer e-Residency, a government-issued digital identity and status that provides access to Estonia’s transparent digital business environment.

Gov't to allow int'l citizens to work remotely from Georgia - 1TV

As part of the strategy to gradually open the country, the Georgian Government has decided to allow foreign citizens to enter Georgia under a special regime.

First Channel 2020-07-21

If You're Working Remotely, Do It in Barbados

It’s no secret that the tourism and travel industry have suffered financially during this pandemic. Many countries closed their borders as a way to protect their citizens and help to diminish the spread of COVID-19—rightfully so. However, countries are now finding new ways to...

Life Hacker 2020-07-21

Remote Work - How To Do It Well. I’ve been working almost entirely… | by Timi Ajiboye | BuyCoins | Medium

I’ve been working with people all over the world, almost entirely remotely (from Lagos, Nigeria), as a software developer, project manager, CTO & CEO for more than 6 years now. Working from home (or…

Medium 2020-07-14

Is Remote Work Here To Stay? : Planet Money : NPR

A new study shows that about half of the entire workforce is now remote. The case for why "this portends a much bigger shift in the economy."

NPR 2020-07-14

If Remote Work Is Our New Reality, Is Boston Still Worth The Trouble? | Cognoscenti

State and local leaders need to start thinking of Massachusetts, and Boston in particular, as a product they need to sell, not only a location they need to govern, writes Ian Campbell.

WBUR 2020-07-07

Fujitsu Offices to be Halved as Japanese Tech Giant Makes Remote Work Permanent

Aviva puts the cost of providing office space in central London at approximately £10-15,000 per person each year

Remote work: Companies should examine if they need an office | Fortune

Commentary: Companies should examine remote work policies in light of coronavirus and determine if it makes sense to have an office.

FortuneMagazine 2020-07-07

Airbnb CEO: Travel may never be the same - Axios

Airbnb CEO: Travel may never be the same - Axios

Axios 2020-06-30

Pandemic pricing' is here. Rents are dropping across the US - CNN

Pandemic pricing' is here. Rents are dropping across the US - CNN

CNN 2020-06-23

Do you have the right personality traits for remote work? — Quartz at Work

Do you have the right personality traits for remote work? — Quartz at Work

Quartz 2020-06-23

How Remote Teams Win With Retention (Advice for Leaders)

How Remote Teams Win With Retention (Advice for Leaders)

Doist 2020-06-23

To Avoid Burnout, Work Less and Ignore ‘Productivity Propaganda’

Recovery time is key to innovation and output, says digital anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush.

Bloomberg 2020-06-16

Why Remote Work Is So Hard—and How It Can Be Fixed | The New Yorker

The challenges aren’t just technological. They’re managerial.

The New Yorker 2020-06-16

Should remote workers be paid differently based on location? - DEV

New World Order With the COVID-19 crisis, one trend has gained a lot of momentum: remote w... Tagged with career, salary, remote, discuss.

DEV 2020-06-16

Resume Pro Tip: The absolute best way to show your work experience - DEV

Follow 2 simple rules to show yourself as a stronger candidate. Tagged with webdev, beginners, remote, career.

DEV 2020-06-16

Cities offer cash as they compete for new residents amid remote work boom

Cities offer cash as they compete for new residents amid remote work boom

Fast Company 2020-06-09

How to Inspire Your Remote Team During This Pandemic

5 methods to involve as well as encourage your group remotely throughout the Coronavirus pandemic

HelmsHub 2020-06-09

Estonia Woos Remote Workers With A Digital Nomad Visa

Can you work from pretty much anywhere that has an internet connection? Estonia has a long-term visa for you.

Forbes 2020-06-09

The rise of the 'micro-cubicle'

Phone booths for private work are popping up all over the globe. Are these a great idea, or are we trying to find the silver lining to a bigger problem in cramped pods? Video by Shannon Sun and Jenn Hoang, edited by Anna Pazos

BBC 2020-06-09

No More Free Lunch: Working at a Tech Company Will Never Be the Same

Remote work forever, voice-controlled everything in the office, and other new normals of the future

Medium 2020-06-03

Here's why the future of work needs to include Indigenous perspectives post-pandemic

Why we need to work toward a future that supports Indigenous contributions and talent

Future of Good 2020-06-03

Designing Remotely at Auth0

Designing remotely can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. With all this said, our tools and processes are constantly evolving.

Auth0 2020-06-03

How to plan and execute remote employee training programs

Learn how to decide if remote training is right for you, followed by tips to help execute remote training, and tools you can use to implement your programs.

Rachel Andrea Go 2020-05-26

Why are some people better at working from home than others?

In a world of telework, some people just take better to working from home. Does this productivity come naturally, or can you learn it?

BBC 2020-05-26

Remote work worsens inequality by mostly helping high-income earners

The higher a person's salary, the most likely they are to be able to work from home; it's not an option for most low-income workers. Here's what governments can do to help encourage more remote work.

The Conversation 2020-05-26

Your Boss Is Watching You: Work-From-Home Boom Leads To More Surveillance

With more people now working from home, employers are increasingly relying on tracking software to monitor what employees do when they're on the clock.

NPR 2020-05-20

The Office Is Dead

In early March, Jeff Haynie, the CEO of Austin-based software company Pinpoint, was gearing up to find new office space. Pinpoint’s $25,000-per-month lease with WeWork for 1,800 square feet would be…

Marker by Medium 2020-05-20

Working Remotely Crossed the Chasm on May 12, 2020

Working remotely: not just for COVID-19 anymore. From academia to the Open Source movement, remote collaboration is not exactly novel. From Github to DuckDuckGo, remote-first successful businesses are no longer rare.

The Five Levels of Remote Work - and why you’re probably at Level 2

COVID-19 has forced companies the world over to enact — or create — remote working protocols. The likes of Box, Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all told their employees some…

Medium 2020-05-12

Why Zoom Is Terrible

There’s a reason video apps make you feel awkward and unfulfilled.

If You’re a Remote Worker, You’re Going to Be Surveilled. A Lot.

It's a land grab for worker surveillance.'

Medium 2020-05-05

Top Remote Work Tips for Teams from a VP of Engineering

Get remote work advice from Netlify's VP of Engineering Dalia Havens. Dalia shares productivity tips, communication advice, and more for distributed teams working remotely. From Zoom to Slack and far beyond. Check it out!

Netlify 2020-05-05

Remote Working for Product Designers: How to Get Optimal Outcomes

Based on the situation of things around the world, most organizations are now beginning to engage their workers in remote working. However, while the concept of remote working is not strange…

UX Planet 2020-05-05

New effort vs Old effort

Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect

Seth Godin 2020-04-28

Mapping “The Future of Work” Startup & Investor ecosystem

Like lots of people these days, I enjoy spending time thinking about & investing in companies shaping “the Future of Work”. For that reason, I keep getting asked by my investor friends whether I have…

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle Isn’t As Great As You Think

When I started my travel blog back in 2015, I didn’t even know what a digital nomad was, let alone aspire to be one. Starting the blog was a way of providing myself with a creative outlet. The idea…

Medium 2020-04-28

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