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The Five Levels of Remote Work - and why you’re probably at Level 2

COVID-19 has forced companies the world over to enact — or create — remote working protocols. The likes of Box, Amazon, Airbnb, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have all told their employees some…

Medium 2020-05-12

Why Zoom Is Terrible

There’s a reason video apps make you feel awkward and unfulfilled.

If You’re a Remote Worker, You’re Going to Be Surveilled. A Lot.

It's a land grab for worker surveillance.'

Medium 2020-05-05

Top Remote Work Tips for Teams from a VP of Engineering

Get remote work advice from Netlify's VP of Engineering Dalia Havens. Dalia shares productivity tips, communication advice, and more for distributed teams working remotely. From Zoom to Slack and far beyond. Check it out!

Netlify 2020-05-05

Remote Working for Product Designers: How to Get Optimal Outcomes

Based on the situation of things around the world, most organizations are now beginning to engage their workers in remote working. However, while the concept of remote working is not strange…

UX Planet 2020-05-05

New effort vs Old effort

Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect

Seth Godin 2020-04-28

Mapping “The Future of Work” Startup & Investor ecosystem

Like lots of people these days, I enjoy spending time thinking about & investing in companies shaping “the Future of Work”. For that reason, I keep getting asked by my investor friends whether I have…

The Digital Nomad Lifestyle Isn’t As Great As You Think

When I started my travel blog back in 2015, I didn’t even know what a digital nomad was, let alone aspire to be one. Starting the blog was a way of providing myself with a creative outlet. The idea…

Medium 2020-04-28

Are Digital Nomads Better Prepared For Self-Isolation?

The challenges of global living equip people with unexpected resilience.

Lauren Razavi 2020-04-21

Time Is Meaningless Now

Is it Tuesday, or Saturday? Who cares.

Vice 2020-04-21

Coronavirus Economy: Companies Are Firing the Wrong People

The wave of layoffs is a slow-rolling catastrophe, warn MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee.

Bloomberg 2020-04-21

The History of Loneliness

Until a century or so ago, almost no one lived alone; now many endure shutdowns and lockdowns on their own. How did modern life get so lonely?

The New Yorker 2020-04-21

Working From Your Childhood Bedroom

For some millennials, sheltering in place means moving home to their parents’ house.

As A Remote Work Manager, Here's How My Team Works (Efficiently) From Home

In these uncertain and challenging times, many people are working from home (WFH) for the first time. As someone who has worked remotely for the past five years, I’ve learned a lot of dos and don’ts.

Linkedin 2020-04-15

How to Dial Back Your Screen Time and Survive Social Media in Quarantine

Computer scientist Cal Newport on why the quality of your quarantine may come down to how you use your technology.

GQ 2020-04-15

Remote Work Is The New Norm. Will It Last?

The battle for remote work has been ongoing. Employees want it, many companies and even more managers resist it. Will this short-term (at minimum) and large-scale experiment in remote work change that?

Forbes 2020-04-15

Remote Work Can (And Does) Boost Employee Productivity

Data proves it: Remote work boosts productivity. Here's why — and how you can empower your remote team to be more productive.

Slab 2020-04-07

How to See the World When You’re Stuck at Home

When you are quarantined or cancel your trip, you can still go on a journey. The secret? The author Reif Larsen says it’s Google Street View.

Will the coronavirus solidify our shrinking human contact needs?

Long before the coronavirus, South Koreans had begun optimizing their lives to have less and less human contact. The global pandemic might make that disassociation permanent.

One of the hardest roles in tech: Product Designer

I have always quietly thought to myself, that being a product designer requires the highest standards. Even though the job is fun, fulfilling, and impactful, it’s not for everyone. Or at least it’s…

UX Collective 2020-04-03

Long Commutes Destroy Happiness, Research Shows. Here's What to Do About Them

How long do you drive to get to work every day? And how long do your employees drive? The answers to these questions are more important than you might think. In a fascinating post on Maritz's People Science site, behavioral science writer Brandon Routman looks at a couple of...

Inc 2020-03-31

So You’ve Been Told to Work From Home. Now What?

At Doist, we’ve always believed that remote work is the future. But no one expected it to become a necessity for so many companies and their employees with next to zero warning.

Doist 2020-03-31

Tips for Working At Home Without Burning Out

If you’re a person who spent your pre-pandemic work life in a cubicle or office, right now is a good time to throw yourself into looking on the bright side: You’re not stuck at home; you’re free. This is what you dreamed about every morning and evening when you were stuck in...

Medium 2020-03-31

Working from home? Switch off Amazon's Alexa (say lawyers)

One of the byproducts of doing all your work from home is that you might be discussing confidential matters. And who might overhear them? Well, there's your smart speakers....

ZDNet 2020-03-31

7 Ideas For Teams To Stay Connected Remotely

All of our teams globally are working remotely. In Asia, we have started in February, in Europe in March. Everyone is working from home. Additionally, governments have advised people to stay at home in their own time as well and avoid any social contact. For people who are not...

Medium 2020-03-26

A Guide to Working From Home

Whether you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a first-year university student, the topic that’s on everyone’s mind worldwide as we head into Spring of 2020 is the Coronavirus. Governments across the globe are advising people to stay away from large groups, schools are...

Medium 2020-03-24

Close your office. Now. How operate your startup under lock-down

The US declared the state of emergency. Many leading startups closed their office. And I expect that all startups in the tech hubs will have their offices closed by the end of next week – if they haven’t already.

Being the first to start remote working

My girlfriend and I want to move to another city. Not a few miles to the next big city, not to the other side of Holland, but a country on the other side of Europe: Sweden. That's about 1600 kilometers (1000 miles). And it is also not fancy Stockholm we chose as our destination,...

DEV 2020-03-24

The Ultimate Guide To Remote Teams - Hiring, Engaging & Scaling

Welcome to the 21st century, where a growing population of the workforce is less dependent on location and more dependent on the Wi-Fi. Cubicles, early morning commutes, and broken coffee machines are all a thing of the past.

The Remote Life 2020-03-03

A Quick Security Checklist for Remote Workers (or Anyone, Really)

While distributed teams are on the rise, some leaders are hesitant to embrace remote because of the perceived security risks. Employees accessing company data on public wifi at a coffee shop in Bali is a chief security officer’s worst nightmare. But remote work is here to stay.

Doist 2020-03-03

Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?

I worked at various start-ups for eight years beginning in 2010, when I was in my early 20s. Then I quit and went freelance for a while. A year later, I returned to office life, this time at a different start-up.

Vulture 2020-03-03

Does anyone ever combat loneliness by having someone else working with you but by remote? Would anyone want to do that with me?

This might sound silly, but I have seen my parents do it when they had long distance parts of their relationship. They would keep the line open (phone, skype, whatever) and just work together. In utter quiet most of the time. Once in a while they say something to each other or...

Reddit 2020-03-03

The Great Tulsa Remote Worker Experiment

The first class of hand-picked remote workers moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma, in exchange for $10,000 and a built-in community. The city might just be luring them to stay.

CityLab 2020-03-03

The Coronavirus Is Forcing Techies To Work From Home. Some May Never Go Back To The Office.

As the coronavirus spreads in the United States and tech companies ask their workforces to do their jobs from home, some in the industry are looking at the outbreak as a test case for the long-gestating but never-arriving moment when working remotely will broadly replace working...

BuzzFeedNews 2020-03-03

Working from Home - a Guide

So you’re working from home? Fun! This might be your first time and you’re looking for some guidance? You’re in the right place! It can be a little daunting at first but working from home is one of the most enabling life choices you can make.

Medium 2020-03-03

5 Tips to Personalize One-Way Video Interviews

Typically screening interviews, used to filter out potential employees, are 15 to 30 minutes long phone calls with qualified applicants. By screening candidates, you can quickly sort through applications and efficiently identify the most promising talent.

Toggl 2020-03-03

Startups Bet That Lonely Freelancers Crave Company

A year and a half ago, Alex Schneider was struggling with two gigs. The 30-year-old has a startup that makes $29 cardboard standing desks called Ghostands, and also a remote job as a senior assurance accountant at HoganTaylor LLP. One day he came across a Reddit post that...

Bloomberg 2020-02-25

You Aren't Communicating Nearly Enough

There's a lot of pressure on the term "Remote Work." It has been - and will continue to be - a trending buzzword. But, remote work as a concept seems to be thrown around loosely, and often fails to adequately convey all of its radical implications. Remote work is not just a...

Glowforge 2020-02-18

Why the remote work trend really matters in 2020, in 19 tweets

Learn from the leading voices on Remote Twitter to paint a meatier picture of what remote and distributed work really means in 2020.

Miro 2020-02-18

Leavism: the troubling truth behind the trend to keep working while on holiday

Overworked employees are using their annual leave to catch up on tasks they should have left behind at the office. And it isn’t just precarity and smartphones to blame

The Guardian 2020-02-18

Why Are We So Obsessed With Morning Routines?

Perhaps you read books by candlelight until the sun comes up or eat cheese and smoked trout right after waking up. Or maybe your schedule is slightly more conventional. But if you spend more than five minutes checking out content by and for entrepreneurs online, one of the first...

Toggl 2020-02-17

Why the 2020s will be the Remote Work Decade

36 Predictions of the Trends That Will Emerge from the Rise of Remote Work Globally. Why We Must Demand Remote Work. Remote work is the biggest workplace revolution in history and nothing will deliver a higher quality of life increase in the next decade than this.

Chris Herd 2020-02-10

How I Stumbled into Digital Nomadism and Backpacked Around the World

In the past two and a half years I’ve backpacked through North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, visited 25+ countries (I have a pending Global Entry application and I’m really hoping…

The Start Up 2020-02-10

How the Japanese are putting an end to extreme work weeks - BBC Worklife

Employees in the country whose brutal office culture has led to several deaths are beginning to rethink the tradition.

BBC Worklife 2020-02-10

From remote working to TikTok: The biggest digital trends to expect in 2020

As we enter not only a new year but a new decade, Kirsty Marrins asks charity digital experts for their predictions for the year ahead

ThirdSector 2020-02-04