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Council Post: Working From Home: Seven Secrets To Supercharge Your Remote Team

There are effective techniques and mindsets to optimize long-term remote working.

ForbesForbes 2021-04-12

Digital nomad: How to work and travel while beating deadlines from the road

Globetrotting and telecommuting present a few logistical challenges. These six tips will help you sate that wanderlust thirst and stay ahead of projects as you Zoom from the open road.

TechRepublicTechRepublic 2021-04-12

What the rise of digital nomads can tell us about the next wave of remote working

If one thing is clear about remote work, it's this: Many people prefer it and don't want their bosses to take it away.

The ConversationThe Conversation 2021-04-12

Does the way we work remotely need to change?

Over a year on from the global shift in work and lifestyle caused by the pandemic, we are all still working from home. Those first few weeks, no one expected it to last this long, with many a story of people worrying for their withering office plants and lunchboxes left in their...

SHEmazingSHEmazing 2021-04-04

How to up your remote working game for 2021

Most of us have been working from home for at least a year by now. Are you loving it, or is it getting you down? If the latter applies, it's time to make some changes. And even if it's the former, there...

Creative BoomCreative Boom 2021-03-29

New UAE remote work visa scheme announced

Sheikh Mohammed announces new residency permit.

Khaleej TimesKhaleej Times 2021-03-21

How employees and managers in Boulder-area companies are navigating work from home

Companies and employees have had to deal not only with the logistical challenges of working remotely, but also the difficulty of maintaining office camaraderie when no one interacts with each other…

Daily CameraDaily Camera 2021-03-21

What Is a Sick Day When You’re Working From Home?

The pandemic has heated up a debate about what employees should do if they don’t feel well, and if companies need to rethink the whole idea of sick days.

Why DC leads for remote jobs (and how to land one)

When compared with states, D.C. ranks first for remote jobs, and third overall when weighed for remote jobs, expected remote work growth and broadband access.

WTOPWTOP 2021-03-21

Cheap living and great WiFi: Digital nomads are flocking to Georgia

A must-see bucket list country pre-pandemic, Georgia is the latest destination to tempt digital nomads to stay.

Euronews TravelEuronews Travel 2021-03-16

Navigating the different models for the future of a global return to work

A move to global, distributed teams has created an opportunity for a fresh wave of software-as-a-service startups to simplify the challenges.

DigidayDigiday 2021-03-15

9 things I learned in my first 6 months RVing full-time - The Points Guy

Almost four years ago, my husband JT and I gave up our apartment and sold or donated almost everything we owned. Then, we hit the road as global digital

The Points GuyThe Points Guy 2021-03-14

Remote Work May Benefit People With Autism

Workplaces can be difficult to navigate for some people on the autism spectrum.

LAistLAist 2021-03-14

These cities could become the biggest winners and losers as more Americans shift to remote work

The 5 metro areas that could gain the most and five that could lose the most from the shift to remote work

USA TodayUSA Today 2021-03-08

Digital Nomads: The Future is Here

The pandemic has meant that the label 'digital nomad' applies to many more people who have the freedom to work from anywhere

Companies Grapple With Compliance as Digital Nomadism Surges | Nearshore Americas

The digital nomad life is on the rise thanks to Covid-19 and companies are struggling to keep compliant with regulation of so many countries.

The Impact Of The Remote Workforce

Companies in traditional office spaces were forced to send their employees home to work remotely—and many of these employees will continue to work from home, long after the pandemic is over.

ForbesForbes 2021-02-28

Caring for Device Batteries in the Era of Remote Work

Battery expert says there are a lot of small things users can do to keep their device batteries in tip-top shape for longer stretches of time.

WJON NewsroomWJON Newsroom 2021-02-28

Get Ready to Lead the New Hybrid Office

With vaccinations accelerating, more association leaders may soon be managing people both remotely and in person. The shift will demand good communication skills and attention to fairness.

Associations NowAssociations Now 2021-02-28

Remote work is here to stay but that’s not the end of the office building | Jordan on Business

The home office has become a new normal during the pandemic. But there always will be a place for offices in the 'new way'

njdotcomnjdotcom 2021-02-28

Working from home — at what cost?

In the short-term, working from home during the coronavirus pandemic has had both positive and negative effects on the workforce and the local economy.

Times LeaderTimes Leader 2021-02-27

Is remote work the way of the future?

Four Durango-based employees and business owners who have spent nearly a year working remotely say the option will fundamentally change the way we...

Durango HeraldDurango Herald 2021-02-27

Remote Work - Shifting Paradigms

Elizabeth Hurst, business development manager with HR Advantage, discusses changes in employee attitudes about working remotely. She says while some are anxious to return to the office, others are …

Avoiding Gender Disparity in Remote Work

While some people thrive working from home, it's taking a mental toll on mothers. Could a return to in-person work be the answer?

Seven things I'm doing to make remote work more bearable // The Observer

I considered titling this piece “How to send emails to people you barely know without fear” but to do so would have been to ignore all the other “fun” challenges that come with working remotely. Whether you’re taking all your classes online, or maybe just one or two, there’s much...

The ObserverThe Observer 2021-02-15

8 remote work problems, solved

Which remote work problems are driving you crazy? Learn from others who have fixed their thorniest issues

Why we should be allowed to request remote working from day one

The ability to work remotely has the potential to boost happiness and job satisfaction levels among employees.

Yahoo SportsYahoo Sports 2021-02-14

State economic leaders studying the impact of remote work on offices - WV MetroNews

State Commerce Secretary Ed Gaunch spoke in front of lawmakers during the week.

MetroNewsMetroNews 2021-02-14

Council Post: How To Build A Strong Remote Work Culture

Let's embrace the remote work culture and leverage it to make our companies stronger than ever.

ForbesForbes 2021-02-08

Don’t give up on remote work, even if you hate it

A new year is well underway, but many of us are exactly where we were last March: working from home. Most people enjoy that, the data show, finding that it reduces stress and increases productivity…

Boston HeraldBoston Herald 2021-02-08

Remote work: Is HR doing enough to support well-being?

Employees are expecting more out of their employers in 2021

HRD AsiaHRD Asia 2021-02-08

Superstar Cities Are in Trouble

The past year has offered a glimpse of the nowhere-everywhere future of work, and it isn’t optimistic for big cities.

The AtlanticThe Atlantic 2021-02-01

Bonus: How to Stop Remote Work Burnout

Working remotely may seem like a dream come true for introverts. But the reality has been exhausting – not only for introverts, but for everyone.

3 lessons COVID-19 has taught us about remote work

In March, thousands of white collar workers were forced into a gigantic work-from-home experiment. Some things are already clear.

Fast CompanyFast Company 2020-12-18

Remote work: 6 ways struggling managers can reset

You think you have a remote management problem? Perhaps you need a more agile leadership style: These six processes work well whether you're remote or not.

This CEO Just Brilliantly Explained How Remote Work Will Change the World by 2030, and It's Next-Level |

Chris Herd thinks he's seen the future. And it's ruled by remote work.

IncInc 2020-12-15

Google Delays Return to Office and Eyes ‘Flexible Work Week’ - The New York Times

The Silicon Valley company now plans to have employees return to the office in September. It will be different when they get there.

Wall Street needs to relax, as startups show remote work is here to stay – TechCrunch

We are hearing that a COVID-19 vaccine could be on the way sooner than later, and that means we could be returning to normal life some time in 2021. That’s the good news. The perplexing news, however, is that each time some positive news emerges about a vaccine — and believe me...

TechCrunchTechCrunch 2020-12-08

Germany is beginning a universal-basic-income trial with people getting $1,400 a month for 3 years

The scientist leading the research, Jürgen Schupp, said it would improve the debate about universal basic income by producing scientific evidence.

InsiderInsider 2020-12-01

More companies are hiring a ‘director of remote work’

As many embrace working from home, companies like Facebook are looking to hire a remote work leader.

Fast CompanyFast Company 2020-12-01

What’s next for remote work: An analysis of 2,000 tasks, 800 jobs, and nine countries | McKinsey

The future of remote work is likely to be hybrid in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly for a highly educated, well paid minority of the workforce.

McKinseyMcKinsey 2020-12-01

Work From Anywhere: Hotels, Digital Nomads Will Change Travel Forever | Observer

COVID-19 normalized working from home. As more people seek freedom and hotels look for new profits, travel and work are transforming again.

ObserverObserver 2020-12-01

Deutsche Bank Research: Tax home workers 'to help those who cannot'

Report says working from home should be taxed at 5% to help those whose jobs are under threat.

BBCBBC 2020-11-24

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