A Decade of Remote Work

Viktor PeterssonViktor Petersson 2019-05-28

While still in college (go Broncos!), I teamed up with Alex (@slevenbits) to create a startup. We were young, inexperienced and naive. Our first project was called YippieMail and it was an email aggregator. Simply put, YippieMail could display all your webmail accounts (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail etc) in the same web interface (this was before most email providers supported IMAP, so you couldnโ€™t use an email client). Looking back at it, YippieMail was a pretty stupid idea, but it did land us meetings with Sequoia Capital and few other VCs on Sand Hill Road. Keep in mind that this was around the time Meebo raised many millions from Sequia and DFJ to do the same thing but for Instant Messaging (IM), so at the time it probably did not seem as such of a bad idea.

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