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How Remote Work Impacts Employees With Disabilities

Angel ListAngel List 2019-10-22

โ€œJust getting off of a bus, I stepped out into a pothole because I wasn't able to navigate the whole walking thing well, and I ended up breaking my ankle.โ€ Matthew Ramir is a senior developer at Bounteous, a digital consultancy, who lives with cerebral palsy. This story is from a time he was injured commuting to a former employer's officeโ€”one of several times he says similar falls happened. For Ramir and the millions of professionals who have disabilities that make commuting difficult, or even dangerous, remote work isnโ€™t just a perk. Itโ€™s something that fundamentally changes their relationship to work. Remote work is the future, for a numbers of economic reasons. But lost in the excitement about nomadic lifestyles and leaner startups is the impact remote work can have on one of the most underserved groups of people.

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