Why I Wonโ€™t Freelance

MediumMedium 2019-07-30

After one long and miserable year of employment, I decided that the answer to all my problems was self employment. Specifically, I was looking to make a career out of my writing. I started with a blog then dipped my toes into the world of freelance writing. I signed up for platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. I pitched and then pitched some more. I was beginning to make a decent income on the side. A few months later, I told my mom I was planning to quit my full time job and start a business offering writing services. But after a few particularity horrible experiences with clients, after enduring unreasonable demands and heckling over prices and receiving a phone call at 11:00pm when I was sleeping, I decided that perhaps, freelancing was not right for me after all. For awhile, it felt pretty terrible to admit this. I kept trying to lie to myself. I told myself that I could do it. I told myself I had to do it if I ever wanted to be a writer. But the truth is...

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